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Water dispenser


Under Sink Instant Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser with Electronic Touch Control Faucet

Touch Control Faucet :

The one and only double-layer touch panel. Water and circuit board are completely separated which is safe and hygienic.


Rotatable panel.


Faucet appearance is made of anti-conductive material to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Under Sink Instant Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser with Electronic Touch Control Faucet

Secured Heating System :

Fully covered cylindrical 304 stainless steel heating system avoids water shortage and empty burning.

Anti-leaking Detection :

Built-in leakage breaker system to avoid any danger.

Indication System :

Easy maintenance with error indication on digital screen.


Installation Precautions :

This product must have an independent power supply.

In areas with heavy scale, please use RO water purification equipment.

It is inevitable that the service life of the equipment and the safety of drinking water will be affected due to inlet water quality. Must use a quality filter and regularly change the filter.

Extra Information :

  1. Energy-saving design: can be automatically re-heated according to different time periods (8hr/ 12hr/ 24hr)

  2. LED screen display temperature of Hot water when it is completely boiled.

  3. If the hot water temperature does not reach 85 degrees, there wouldn’t be any water supply

  4. Modular power cable avoids the elderly and the children to touch and hurt .

  5. Malfunction and reasons display

  6. 100 % MADE IN TAIWAN electronic faucet



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