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Crystaline HCIO Disinfectant Fluid Maker

Amazing Household antisepsis assistant

Only use SALT and WATER to make efficient antibacterial fluid at home

Crystaline HCIO Disinfectant Fluid Maker

What is HCIO Antibacterial Fluid?

HCIO is verified to be a strong oxidant which hardly do harm to human body. In recent years, it has been widely used by Japan in rinsing of vegetables and aquatic products in the food industry, agriculture and sterilization in hospitals while being valued in many ways. It was identified by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a bactericide which can contact with food.

HCIO is a broad-spectrum sterilized solution which is natural, environment friendly, non-toxic and effective. Besides the elimination of general bacteria, such solution can also effectively eliminate cladosporium or spore bacteria and viruses which are more difficult to be eliminated. This is a kind of sterilized solution being equipped with efficacy stronger than ethyl alcohol, iodine tincture and bleaching water. Being made from natural salt and water, such solution is non-toxic and non-irritant. Moreover, it will revert to water after acting on bacteria. It is a consequently environment friendly water purifier and will not destroy the environment despite the large amount of usage.

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Principle of Antisepsis

When contacting with bacteria, HCIO will give rise to oxidation to facilitate the protein denaturation in microorganism to effectively eliminate general bacteria, fungus and even spore bacteria and viruses which are more difficult to be eliminated.

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Household Epidemic Prevention

Disinfect and sterilize the surfaces of furniture, home items, floor, kitchen and washroom.

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02-Food Sterilization.jpg

Food Sterilization

Disinfect and sterilize the surfaces of fruits, food, seafood and aquatic products. Degrade the concentration of pesticides by soaking vegetables and fruits in the solution.

Personal Hygiene

Clean Mouth, athlete's foot, wounds or genital infection.

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Pet Sanitary

Can be used to wash and sterilize your pet to protect them from infection and to clean the environment around feces while being equipped with the effect of deodorization.


Air Disinfection

After being regulated to proper concentration (below 50ppm), it can cooperate with a sprayer to eliminate bacteria in the air and decrease probability of cross infection.


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