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Commercial R.O. water purifier system

Commercial water filtration system

  • Capacity: 800 GPD

  • Working pressure: 150~200 psi

  • Ro booster pump: 1/2 hp(s.y.)

  • Material: tfc with frp outer wrap

  • Membrane: #4021 * 1 pc

  • Membrand housing: material #sus304 stailess steel with cap

  • Flow meter(pure water & waste water)

  • Pressure gauge(feed water & booster pump outlet essure gauge)

  • Water quality indicator: tds meter with lcd

  • Electrical controls: micro computer control, overload breakers, led indicators 

  • Frams: parts-stainless steel main frame

COM-NEW800 Commercial water filtration system

Crystaline R.O. Water Filtration System :

Crystaline Water Filtration System remove up to 95 ~ 99% of targeted contaminants including chlorine, VOC, lead, heavy metal and chemicals and etc.


Crystaline Water Master enjoys making people’s life healthier and easier by supplying the water purifier all over the world. Water is not only essential for survival but also a very key substance for our body to function normally. As a global supplier, we aim to satisfy every need from our customers. To ensure our product meets the international standards, our products are certified by different institutions in the world, including SGS and TUV, and we have CE, SASO, ISO and NSF certificates, also a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA). To ensure the quality of the products, our materials are 100% made in Taiwan and we monitor the production line carefully for every single detail that is indispensable for manufacturing one product.

The RO system is applicable to a wide range of schools, hospitals, factories, water stations, restaurants, hotels, military camps, etc.


Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective water treatment methods in the existing technology. It can effectively remove salts in water, such as calcium, magnesium and other hardness impurities, heavy metals, chemical residues to the level of more than 95%. RO reverse osmosis water treatment technology is everywhere today, such as desalination systems, biochemical pharmaceuticals, beverages, bottled water and general household water filtration. Reverse osmosis can separate or concentrate the solutes and solvents in the solution by means of selective retention of semi-permeable membranes under pressure. Pure water is obtained by removing impurities in water, including impurities such as inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organics, and colloids.



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