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Commercial R.O. water purifier system

Commercial water filter

  • 8 Stage 400 GPD RO system with 2 pumps 

  • 1st stage: 20" pp 5 micron filter(20" slim housing)

  • 2nd  stage: 20" active carbon block filter CTO(20" slim housing)

  • 3rd  stage: 20" pp 1 micron filter(20" slim housing)

  • 4~7 stage: 100 GPD RO membrane * 4 pcs

  • 8th stage: post in-line carbon filter

  • Pressure gauge 

  • Micro computer controller(with auto flush function)

CR-400G Commercial water filter

Crystaline R.O. Water Filtration System :

Crystaline Water Filtration System remove up to 95 ~ 99% of targeted contaminants including chlorine, VOC, lead, heavy metal and chemicals and etc.


Crystaline Water Master enjoys making people’s life healthier and easier by supplying the water purifier all over the world. Water is not only essential for survival but also a very key substance for our body to function normally. As a global supplier, we aim to satisfy every need from our customers. To ensure our product meets the international standards, our products are certified by different institutions in the world, including SGS and TUV, and we have CE, SASO, ISO and NSF certificates, also a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA). To ensure the quality of the products, our materials are 100% made in Taiwan and we monitor the production line carefully for every single detail that is indispensable for manufacturing one product.


The functions of CR-400G :


  1. Fully automatic water quality monitoring and flushing of RO membrane, 

  2. Pressure gauge and white iron stand are included

  3. Effectively removes impurities, sediment, suspended particles, rust in the water

  4. Removing chlorine, bad odor, color, chloroform, heavy metals, harmful chemicals

  5. Easy to install and easy to replace the filters

  6. Automatic Micro Computer Controller 

  7. Automatic flushing function indication 

  8. Automatically shut-off protection device when there is no water, automatically stop when the water is full 

  9. The water quality monitor system can instantly check the water quality and display the TDS value

  10. Suitable for various catering industry uses, schools, kindergartens, hot pot restaurants and various business establishments or underground water, tap water, well water, and various industrial water treatment systems 

  11. Provide the safest raw drinking water



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Contact Person:  Mr. Jerry Chen, Mr.Peter Hsu

Mobile Phone: 886-958777255

Tel : +886-4- 2425-2233

Fax : +886-4- 2426-4436

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skype : eviltotoro_jerry 

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